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BearLine+ Food Pack Hanging System

Item #180BLP-5080


Our Price: $37.95

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The BearLine+ by 180 Tack

The BearLine+ by 180 Tack is the handiest bear line/utility cord system you will find.  This is not your typical Bear Line. Our light-weight cord system is designed to be compact, light-weight, frictionless and very versatile.

  • Size: Approx. 9" L x 5" W x 1 1/2" H
  • Weight: 13 oz (369 grams)


This kit includes:

  • 130 feet of 550 paracord in two colors
  • a useful CORDURA® safety throw bag (440 Denier CORDURA® nylon)
  • two climbing-rated carabiners  (Aluminum Climbing-Rated)
  • all made in the USA. 

When the two carabiners are used as a block and tackle, they provide a substantial mechanical advantage that will not only easily hoist food out of a bear’s reach, but also lift much, much heavier loads.

Don't risk losing your dinner. Hang it the right way. The BearLine+ is designed to suspend food between two trees up to 40 feet apart and 15+ feet above the ground with much less effort than other bear lines.  This creates a much more substantial challenge for bears and other critters that would like to steal a free meal.

While 180 Tack put these kits together with bears in mind, they are useful for many other needs including: A Bear Line, Motorcycle/ATV Recovery System, Utility Cord, Climbing-Rated Carabiners, Boat Bowline, Tie Downs, Straps, Backpack Repair, Snares, Nets, Fishing Line, Guy Lines for Tarp or Tent, Trip Line, Tool Repair, Medical Applications, Motorcycle/ATV Tow Line, Sewing, Clothesline, Block and Tackle, Cots, Stretchers, Booth Laces, Leash, Snares, Fish Stringer, Game Cleaning Hoist, and much more.... 




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