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Council Tool Premium Camp Carver 21 in Straight Handle

Item #WC125CC21R


Our Price: $130.00

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Council Tool Wood Craft Premium Camp Carver 16 inch

This is a new item from Council Tool, which is set to be released in the Winter of 2018/19.  We are currently taking preorders.  Please call now and get your name on the waitlist to get this great new axe!  Updated 08/15/2018.

The new Wood-Craft Camp Carver is the market changing Premium Companion Axe from Council Tool Co.  The Camp Carver is the second Premium released by Council Tool Co. in the Wood-Craft Premium line.  Crafter from the same US 5160 Steel and carries the same Lifetime warranty on the steel head, the Camp Carver hits the sweet spot in the axe market at the 1.75lb head weight .  The 22”semi-straight Riggers Handle can be shocked up on for detailed carving or swung with two-handed power. The handle has been knocked down to the shoulders for maximum hand comfort when doing more detailed work.  Just like it’s bigger brother the Pack Axe, the Camp Carver comes with a beautifully chamfered poll that is heat treated and hardened to drive nails, tent stakes and other fasteners without fear of deforming the poll.  Also Like the Pack Axe the Camp Carver is designed for super-multipurpose use so you can leave your other axes and most tools at home when in Camp. 

These are due to arrive in late Spring.  If you're interested, please get on our wait list!  We will ship first come, first serve, once we recieve our shipment.


  • Handle: 21 inches
  • Curved Handle 
  • Premium Hickory
  • Head: 1.25 lbs 
  • Face:
  • Lifetime Warranty

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