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Hunters Axe

Item #418


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Hunters Axe

Gränsfors Bruks, making the finest axes since 1909!

We do apologize but these are currently on backorder from Gransfors Bruk.  As of March 2018, all orders for the Hunters Forest Axe are estimated to ship in the Fall of 2018.   We are accepting orders to be placed on a waiting list.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Gränsfors Axes are forged by very professional smiths. The proof of this professionalism is that they are able to forge axes with such precision that no supplementary work to hide mistakes in the forging is needed. A smith at Gränsfors Burks has nothing to hide and is proud of his professional standards. When he is satisfied with his work and has accepted his axe, he marks the head with his initials beside the company's crown label.

The Hunters Axe is specifically made for hunters. The Poll is forged thinner than normal and is gently rounded and burnished to a Flay Poll to be used when skinning an animal. The axe is good for chopping in wood as well as meat and bone. The grip of the handle has circular grooves which provide a steady grip even if your hands are wet or sticky.


    • Size:
    • Face: 3 1/4"
    • Handle: 19"
    • Weight: 1 1/2"
    • Made in Sweden
    • 20 Year Guarantee







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