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Complete Book of Fire:Building Campfires for Warmth, Light, Cooking, and Survival By Buck Tilton

Fire fascinates us.... Light a campfire, poke it with a stick, tinker with the arrangement of the burning logs, stare into the flames and imagine what Hell is like, ponder the physics of matter changing into energy, shift rocks around to create a better draft, figure out why you're always the one sitting on the smoky side....it's usually a simple task to build a campfire, undertaken for pleasure. The challenge comes when you're soaking wet,frozen into your clothes, your hands shake with cold, and you're down to your last match....hmm...there's a story in here somewhere. No, but seriously, it's making fire, when and where you need it. Also, we will all be much happier if you know how to completely extinguish the fire when you leave. This is a useful little book of history, use, and instructions for making a fire, including the legendary Boy Scout trick of rubbing two sticks together. Know when not to build a fire, how to get the most warmth, cook effiently, select wood, signal for help, protect the environment and yourself, and collect interesting bits of information, all with this handy paperback book.

104 pages PB


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