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Ka Ka Ska Ska: Headwaters to the Gulf in a Kayak

by Jim Lewis

How many times have you been trapped at work daydreaming of escaping from the ho-hum doldrums to an adventure of exploring the unknown, casting aside pleas from your mother to be careful and the need to focus on detail instilled by your father? As we stood on the shore of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota, ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, it had been only nine days since Luke and Andy entered my office to discuss an idea devised over lunch. "Let's paddle the entire Mississippi River from the Headwaters to the Gulf, BUT, not all in one trip. We can do one section at a time, as work schedules allow." In less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee, the decision is made to go ahead even though not one of us has a clue as to the length of the Mississippi. With little thought to detailed planning, we strike out to conquer the third largest river in the world. The chronological travelogue covers the highlights as we paddle our way through uninhabited wilderness and along the banks of river towns. Well seasoned with a good measure of humor, the narrative blends stories of people, places, and history. Anyone interested in the outdoors and/or travel, who enjoys the lighthearted approach will love this book. It goes beyond the "how-to" of paddling and gets into the adventure itself.



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