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Worlds Finest Camp Knife

Item #BB21


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 Worlds Finest Camp Knife

The World's Finest Camp Knife. Our friend John Bradley makes each of these knives by hand, using 52100 steel. He finishes his knives with an edge and overall look like no one else. "Very impressive knife, Steve. I can't believe the beautifully thin cutting edge. It takes real skill to grind a knife that fine. Bradley is a fantastic bladesmith. The steel is a high end alloy and it is the very best. The balance is superb. The blade length is just right, and the sheath is top notch." Cliff Jacobson.

  • 8 1/2" overall
  • 4 1/2" blade.
  • Knife blades are approximately 1/8” thick at the thickest part of the spine where the tang goes into the handle.
  • Hand stitched leather sheath.

Carbon Steel (unlike Stainless Steel) requires the blade to be dry before you put it away. These knives are made from high quality carbon steel and will rust if put away wet. They should be carefully dried after wet use. Carbon steel holds an edge much better and is easier to sharpen correctly. A very fine steel wool and small amounts of mineral oil can get your blade looking like new again if rust appears or fingerprints stain.  Right handed sheaths.

From the craftsman himself, "My knives are made from 52100 high carbon steel.  My blades are my own designs, some are designed for a specific purpose, but most will handle a wide variety of cutting chores. My blades are flat ground, heat treated and finished by my hand. They will be delivered to you with a razor sharp edge, and will hold that edge well. When it does need sharpening, I offer free life time sharpening of my knives, customer pays shipping both ways. I offer a variety of wood handle choices, which are epoxied and pinned with nickel silver pins, each finished with meticulous care. A lanyard hole is optional with most models. Every knife comes with a hand sewn sheath made of "A" grade Herman Oaks 7/8 ounce leather, which is form fitted to the knife. My knives are made one at the time by me, this is not a production shop, but they're well worth the wait."  John Bradley


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