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Aqua Mira Water Treatment

Item #41001


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Aqua Mira Water Treatment

Ideal for longer trips and group water treatment.

This popular chlorine dioxide kit treats up to 120 quarts(30 gallons) of water yet easily slips into a shirt pocket. Liquid drops are easy to dispense making even large container water treatment a quick process. Long shelf life (4 years) is unaffected by partial use of bottles.



Directions Place 7 drops Aquamira Part A and 7 drops Activator, Part B, in mixing cap. If water is cloudy or inted use 15 drops of each. Let mixture react for 5 minutes. Fill container with 1 quart of water. Add contents of cap. Shake to mix. Let stand 15 minutes. If water is very cold, cloudy or tinted let stand 30 minutes. Water is ready for use.

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