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Turtle Shell 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Item #OT1800


Our Price: $79.95

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Turtle Shell 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker


Behold the Turtle Shell 2.0, Outdoor Tech's most miraculous rugged, water resistant Bluetooth Speaker to date. We wouldn't say something as cliche as "The best just got better"... it did though. Based off the popular original Turtle Shell®, the 2.0 brings more volume, more Hi-Fi audio, more battery life and a plethora of other feature improvements over its predecessor.


Most speakers look like a shoe box with pin holes in it. Outdoor Tech's design focused team wouldn't allow anything of the sort and instead created the patented signature triangle-themed construction providing omnidirectional room filling audio, a design aesthetic appropriate for architectural digest and construction built for the Appalachian trail. Its heavily water-resistant, dust-proof and shock-proof outer shell is probably tougher than you are, and its built-in microphone functionality means you'll be double-fisting Dr. Peppers and having hands-free conference calls before you know it.


More water resistant than most, with the premium level audio goods, the Turtle Shell® 2.0 allows you to share your music wherever your training wheels will take you, without the insane price tag.


Use it anywhere...


The Turtle Shell® 2.0 is the original wireless Bluetooth speaker available with standard camera threading built into the base. This makes it compatible with a multitude of accessories, including our own Turtle Claw mount.


Details, Details, Details

  • Two speakers and passive bass radiator provide 96 decibels of clear sound, wirelessly (20% louder than the original Turtle Shell®.)
  •  Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device with easy one-touch pairing.
  •  Reconnects automatically to previously paired device.
  •  Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 16 hours of play time, and over 700 hours of standby time.
  •  IP65 dust-proof and water resistant. We tested it. It passed.
  •  Built-in microphone, 'cause you've got a lot to say (sometimes to Siri).
  •  External controls allow you to adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause 'The Best Marching Band Tunes of Henry Souza' and answer calls.
  •  Standard camera thread and extra strong metal leash clip for multiple mounting options.
  •  Voice Prompts let you know what is going on.
  •  Micro USB charge port gives you freedom to use any micro USB cord you have available, even your mom's.
  • 3.5mm audio-in port in case you are still rocking a Walkman.
  • WIRELESS RANGE: 32 feet.
  •  INCLUDES: USB charging cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, signature ODT carry pouch, User Manual, and some stickers (yay).


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