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Scouts' Honor

Item #B3222


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Scouts' Honor

by Blake Fontenay


Sam and Eddie are 16-year-old Eagle Scouts on a final camping trip of the summer with two adult scoutmasters and a group of younger boys. Their trip takes them into the Boundary Waters, a vast lake-covered wilderness on the border between Minnesota and Canada that’s accessible only by canoe. A campground mishap sends one of the boys and one of the scoutmaster’s home early. Then the trip takes an even worse turn when Sam stumbles across a campsite where a group of terrorists who have crossed the border from Canada are discussing plans to bomb one of America’s busiest gathering places. When the terrorists find out that Sam knows their plans, they launch a search to silence him and his friends. Before the hunt has hardly begun, the remaining scoutmaster gets injured and then mysteriously disappears. Sam and Eddie must rely on their scouting skills to protect themselves and the younger boys as they try to make their way back to civilization and warn authorities about the planned terrorist attack. They get encouragement along the way from a strange hermit who claims to live in the woods. But the terrorists have an ally, too—an American sleeper agent who knows the bombing is only the first phase of a much deadlier attack.


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