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More Readings from One Man's Wilderness

Item #B6371


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More Readings From One Man's Wilderness: The Journals of Richard Proenneke

edited by John Branson


Richard Proenneke - a modern day Henry David Thoreau - built a cabin in Twin Lakes, Alaska, during the spring of 1968. This simple task sparked thirty years of personal growth for Proenneke, who spent the majority of his time strengthening his relationship with the wilderness surrounding him.

A master woodcraftsman, a keen observer of the natural world, a mechanical genius, a tireless hiker, and a journalist, Proenneke's life at Twin Lakes has been an inspiring story for thousands of readers for decades. Following in the footsteps of One Man's Wilderness, a classic book compiling some of the mountain man's journals, More Readings From One Man's Wilderness chronicles Proenneke's experiences with animals, the elements, and park visitors, and observations he made while hiking in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.




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