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White Box Stove

Item #W5550001


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White Box Stove

No other alcohol stove has received as much attention and credit from satisfied backpackers and campers around the world. You may have seen or heard about "pop can" stoves, but this is not one of those.

Why is this the BEST ALCOHOL BOTTLE STOVE made today?
There is no tape or glue used to build this stove. This stove is triple rivited together and is almost bomb proof. It is made from a single solid aluminum bottle that has walls 3 to 4 times thicker than a typical pop can backpacker stove. Over 400 pounds have been placed on one of these stoves and it didn't crush it.

* Each White Box Stove is made by hand from recycled aluminum bottles.

The bottle for each stove is cleaned by hand with paint remover to remove labels, therefore you get the full benefit of the thickest metal used in the walls of these aluminum bottles. Each Stove is then buffed with a polishing wheel to remove any large scratches and to give them a beautiful matte finish.

Because the aluminum bottles have been recycled there may be some blemishes, tiny dents or small dings in the side wall of the stove. NONE of which, hinder the performance or durability of the stove.

This Stove is designed to be used by multiple campers

Most alcohol stoves are designed to boil one or two cups of water and to be used by a single camper. This WHITE BOX STOVE is designed to be used by multiple backpackers and will boil up to 6 or more Cups of water and is able to hold up to two ounces of fuel. Independent testers throughout North America have shown it can boil 2 cups of water in approximately 4 minutes with only 2/3 oz of fuel. They were able to boil 3 cups of water in approximately 6 minutes with only 1 oz of fuel. It has the capability to boil 6 cups of water in approx. 12 minutes with 2 ounces of fuel. That makes it one of the most efficient alcohol stoves ever developed. Designed to use WIDE DIAMETER POTS at least 6 inches wide. The STOVE is slightly larger than 2 inches wide and stores conveniently inside your pot with its windscreen.No pot stand is needed, pots and kettles rest directly on the stove.

This STOVE will burn almost any type of alcohol fuel. DENATURED ALCOHOL is recommended (found at local hardware stores and big chain stores) or METHYL ALCOHOL like "Gas Line Heat" in the yellow bottle. These stoves burn super clean and almost odorless.

THE STOVE WEIGHS APPROXIMATELY ONE OUNCE. Custom made packable windscreen and heat shield included.

This is a great stove for day tripping, skiing, backbacking and more. At Piragis Northwoods Company we began selling alcohol burning stoves in the eighties and this is a revolution in design from YEAH! recycled materials.

Instructions are included. Please note: some "flare up" of the flame is sometimes present when pot is removed from stove. Boiling times will vary with altitude, starting water temperature and cook pot design.

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