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Wilderness Ironworks Great Northwoods Axe

Item #W03


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Wilderness Ironworks Great Northwoods Axe

Robert burns grew up camping in the outdoors of Pennsylvania, eventually becoming a wilderness survival and primitive skills instructor.  Robert also began training as a blacksmith at the age of thirteen.  At 19, he began to incorporate designs from his bush craft experience into his knives and axes and has been producing high quality tools for the outdoors ever since.  He is a member of the American Bladesmith’s Society and is pursuing his Journeyman Smith ranking.  The description that follow on this page are in his own words.  Each piece is a functional piece of art made to work and be at home in the outdoors.  

Designed to be a powerful, but a relatively light weight axe for its size.  I was thinking of the many times one goes into the forest and needs to take down a small tree or to limb a downed tree.  Many axes are slightly too long or awkard to use in the bush or undersized and lacking power.  So, I designed this axe to be a good mid-range axe for these purposes.  Light enough to use one handed but heavy enough to do the felling work.
  • 5160 Carbon Steel
  • Face:  4in
  • Handle: 26.5 in
  • Weight: 3 1/3lbs



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