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Scout WindPaddle Sail

Item #A1820003


Our Price: $120.00

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 Scout WindPaddle Sail for entry level kayakers in low to medium winds.

The Scout sail deploys in a matter of seconds from the on-deck location. A continuous sheet (steering line) allows the paddler to easily control the sail while keeping the paddle in-hand for bracing and steering. We also placed a large window on the center panel of the sail for visibility. The design puts the center of the force of the sail down low, at about the same level as the paddler, making the boat/sail combination incredibly stable and easy to use. The WindHarness (patent pending) allows you to quickly attach the sail onto any boat or switch between boats in seconds. If your boat has anything that can be clipped to - including deck lines, bungees etc.- you can probably attach your Scout to it!


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