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Night Sky: A Field Guide to the Constellations

Item #B2766


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Night Sky: A Field Guide to the Constellations

by Jonathan Poppele


What's one of the best things about camping in the Boundary Waters? It's so DARK at night! Yes, it's true...we have more stars here in Northern Minnesota than you have at home. Since you won't have TV at your perfect campsite, you'll need to amuse yourself by star gazing. This guide is particularly easy to use because it starts with the easily identified constellations, one-at-a time. Use what's already familiar to locate other constellations in relation to the Big Dipper, the North Star, and the top of the sky. The constellation diagrams are organized first by season, then from easy to difficult to find.

There are two ways to locate stars-the overhead map and the horizon graph. Mythology, history, magnitude, light years, interesting objects in the sky, common names, basic astronomy, pronunciation guide, zodiac guides, drawings, and, as a fantastic bonus, a LED CARD FLASHLIGHT! fill this handy book. The flashlight glows red so you can refer to the book without ruining your night vision. Have a good night.





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