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We've sold light weight canoes here at the Boundary Waters Catalog since our humble beginnings in 1979 when we started with just two.  We deliver kevlar canoes from Wenonah and Northstar to all parts of the country.  In addition to new canoes and kayaks we also sell our complete rental fleet every Fall.  Each October over 125 craft that have experienced the Boundary Waters for a season leave Ely bound for new homes.  You can call us anytime to discuss canoe options and if it is after-hours you can hand-pick your layup options and purchase one right here.  We guarantee it'll fit in your shopping cart, and when we receive the order our canoe buyer, Steve Schon, will call you to go over all the details.

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While everything we carry is tested and tried in the field, not all gear is necessarily a fit for lightweight Wilderness Canoe Camping.  Some of our best-selling gear appeals to car-campers, preppers, and survivalists.  From Axes and Knives to blade sharpeners and waxed-canvas packs from our friends at Frost River in Duluth, and extending to beautifully crafted Northwoods Jewelry, we stock quality pieces that our customers need.  You might not think you'd find custom knives and exclusive bushcraft accessories at a canoe camping shop, but that's just what we carry with pride.  The best part is that we're always listening and we're always bringing in the best available gear.  If you like to read, another surprise is our fantastic and expansive selection of book titles from our independent bookstore -- it's where good books find you.

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We have a wide variety of canoe gear, canoeing accessories, camping gear, clothing, books, tools, paddles and gifts for you to choose from. Enjoy your visit!


Lightweight canoe camping gear made to perform in wilderness settings.  Piragis Northwoods Company and the Boundary Waters Catalog have been supplying canoeists and campers since 1979 with top-quality equipment that you can easily pack and carry. Our goal is to make your canoe camping adventures as enjoyable and easy as possible. Our retail store in Ely, Minnesota is a destination for paddlers from around the world.  The Boundary Waters Catalog is dedicated to instilling a passion in people for paddling canoes in wilderness settings. Our mission is to enhance the appreciation of wild shores and help to preserve nature along rivers and lakes. Educating and enabling paddlers with the help of high quality, efficient and affordable gear is part of this goal.


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Follow the path to Adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe camping trips are fun and affordable for family and friends.  Traveling the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area by canoe is our passion.  Call us today to begin a summer trip you'll remember forever. Start Your Trip Now >>
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