Here at the Boundary Waters Catalog and Piragis Northwoods Company we do things a little different than your average or above average adventure retail shop. We go to the Boundary Waters and beyond! We use the gear we sell, we choose the gear we rent and outfit canoe campers with. With our Trip Essentials, we have put together a must-have or must-not-leave-home-without list. It includes some of our best selling items that might not make the canoe trip list for reasons like weight, safety, or even personal preference. However many of these items are essential because over the years they’ve proven to appeal to our customers that enjoy hand forged axes, knives and tools. They appeal to our bush crafter and survivalist fans. Oh, and, some things are just our favorites, like good books and good coffee and good food. If you just want to know what the best things we offer are… look no further shop now