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QuickClot Gauze

Item #5020-0016


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QuikClot is a chemically inert material that speeds coagulation of blood, resulting in a stable clot that stops bleeding. The QuikClot® Zeolite beads are contained in a sterile, non-adherent mesh bag so that it can be easily applied and also easily and cleanly removed from the wound by professional medical providers.  QuikClot is safe to use and is a low heat formula that will not burn the skin. Leave QuikClot in place until more advanced medical help arrives.



  • Each package contains two 3"x24" strips of QuikClot gauze
  • Weight   0.5 oz
  • 3"x24"
  • Easy to Use
  • Absorbs moisture to concentrate platelets


  • QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze uses kaolin, an inorganic mineral that accelerates the body’s natural clotting ability and helps blood clot up to five times faster than blood on its own.
  • Kaolin – QuikClot’s clotting agent is used in many everyday products and does not contain any animal, plant, human or shellfish related material. You can control bleeding without worrying about allergic reactions.
  • QuikClot® Gauze fits onto just about any wound, in just about any situation.
  • The handy-sized two-pack goes anywhere.


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