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Brown Boundary Waters Belt Knife

Item #AF2


Our Price: $399.00

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Boundary Waters Belt Knife (brown handle)

These exclusive knives offered here at Piragis were designed by Mr. Andersen in the style known as “Brute de Forge”.  A very loose and un-wieldy translation of the style could be said to mean “Rough and un-finished”.  This style requires the maker to create a knife that displays hand-forged characteristics (note the hammer and forge marks), yet also reveals hand-finished refinements. Quite a challenge for any knife maker.  Our goal is to provide the new owner a knife worthy of being passed down to the next generation with pride.  Karl’s experience and desire to achieve these qualities have resulted in the Boundary Waters Belt Knife.

  • Each knife is hand-forged from 1084 tool steel and finished individually by hand.  This is a “simple carbon” steel and should be cleaned after use with a little knife and gun oil and a cloth.  This knife is not designed to be stored in the sheath for long periods of time (no carbon steel blade is).  Regular use and wearing of the knife in its sheath is fine.  Carbon blades are high performance blades and need more cleaning care than Stainless Steel.
  • Great attention is given to the metallurgical hardening and tempering  process resulting in a blade that will perform exceedingly well and sharpen easy when necessary.

  • 8 1/2 inches overall, 4 inch blade length.
  • The handle scales used in these knives is curly maple that has been professionally stabilized.

    Testing this field. This knife is an excellent choice for a custom made knife made for the field. Great looking, tough enough to be your favorite, made to be used.

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