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Super-Lite Portage Hiker

Item #HYRB-800


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Piragis Super-Lite Portage Hiker (Hybrid) Shoe for the Boundary Waters and Beyond

For paddling the Northwoods and hiking confidently on slippery terrain.  The Hybrid High-Top is our most versatile boot. Our durable rubber sole combined with our cushy PU midsole gives you great traction and all day comfort. Large micro screen panels on both sides of the uppers allow for instant and complete drainage. The synthetic uppers won’t hold water keeping the boots feeling light even on the long days. Reinforced toe and heel area for extra durability and abrasion resistance. A padded ankle collar that provides ankle support protection. Dual lace hooks make these boots easy to put on and take off, while the Chota QuickLace System helps provide a secure fit.


From Cliff Jacobson:

The subject of canoeing footwear has been largely beat to death by canoeing writers, including me.  There’s no agreement as to what works best, probably because paddle-sport is affected by so many variables.  Camp shoes are another matter; they are seldom discussed in guide books other than a comment that when the day is done you’ll want to replace your smelly water boots with something more comfortable.  Most paddlers opt for two pairs of shoes—one for paddling/wading and portaging, and one for lounging in camp.  Can one shoe do it all?  Chota’s new one comes surprisingly close. I discovered Chota boots more than 20 years ago, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since.  Chota caters largely to the fly-fishing crowd, but Frank Bryant, its founder, is also an avid paddler.  As a result, the product line addresses the needs of serious paddlers (and hikers) who need a lightweight, comfortable shoe that excels on both land and water. [This] is a quick-drying “water shoe”, a knee-high waterproof boot, and an efficient dry hiker.  It is much lighter and cooler, and nearly as durable, as Chota’s popular “Caney Fork Wading Shoe”.


  • Aggressive high traction rubber sole.

  • Reinforced toe and heel.

  • Cushioned polyurethane midsole adds bounce to your steps.

  • Dual lacing hooks

  • Chota QuickLace system—shoes go on and off fast, no laces to tie.

  • Padded ankle collar cushions and discourages bruising. 

  • Mesh (micro-screen) panels on the sides encourage air flow and fast drainage.  The shoe needs no break-in period; it is comfortable right out of the box.   

Like the popular Caney Fork shoe, the thick neoprene insoles can be removed to provide space for thick socks or Chota’s signature knee-high [Breathable Socks].  Add them and you have a completely watertight boot—one that stays put as you walk.  You can wear the boot with or without the waterproof liners.  The boots drain water almost as fast as a dedicated water shoe.  Add sun and they walk-dry in minutes.  Portage heavy loads over rocks or mud?  No problem, this shoe is durable!

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