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Gene Hicks Organic Green Horizons Coffee

Item #F44003


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Gene Hicks Organic Green Horizons Coffee

Gene Hicks North Country Gourmet Coffees are simply the best gourmet coffees available today. Gene, who lives in Ely, has this to say about his coffee, "To make this possible I first start with the finest, most talented plantations in the world. Rigorous cup sampling is done to further guarantee that this quality meets my standards.

Each coffee is then slow roasted in the Northern German Method. At the end of the roast the exhaust valves are closed and the coffee is "smoked". This can be compared to allowing a fine steak to stew in its own juices. It forces much of the flavors and aroma released from the beans, during the roast, back into the coffee while it is still hot. The beans are then air cooled, resulting in a more completely rounded full bodied cup! They are then vacuumed to give you 100% pure coffee with no fillers. Then each coffee is hand packed immediately after roasting, in the very latest technology of packaging, to gurantee freshness.

This process has been awarded as "The finest coffee in America" by the "Fine Food and Beverage Federation". This is all done by an award winning "Master Roaster". All my coffees are "Certified Blue Ribbon Kosher" and my naturally decaffeinated Sunset Blend is guranteed to be at least 97% caffeine free.

As always, all my blends are very low in acid, which makes every cup stomach friendly!   12 OZ BAGS (YIELDS 90-100 CUPS)

The Green Horizons Blend is a Fair Trade Organic Certified 100% Arabica three bean blend. It carries a dark roasted, heavy, sharp, rich body with a hint of a creamy, winey, smooth taste. It has a deep aroma and is very low in acidity!

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