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Axe Diamond File

Item #4032


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Axe Diamond File makes that axe sharp!

The Gransfors Bruks Axe Diamond is a pocket size wonder. It'll sharpen your axe in no time! It includes a coarse and fine side. Complete with a flared beech handle to protect your fingers. The file itself is 3 inches long with a beech wood handle.


  •     Beech Wood handle
  •     Leather Sheath
  •     3" long cutting face
  •     Coarse and Fine sides

    How to Sharpen Axe....

Clean axe of dirt and resin before you start to sharpen, otherwise the file will lose "bite."

To polish off minor damage and normal wear, use the coarse side of the Axe Diamond. Use the Axe Diamond dry and work in circular motions, towards or away, from the edge, with light pressure, until you have a smooth surface. The Axe Diamond can also be used without circular motion. During the sharpening efforts remove metal from Axe Diamond by tapping or brushing off regularly. Finally, using the fine side of the Diamond Axe, creating the correct edge.

Repeat on both sides until the blade has a smooth and glossy surface. If your Edge becomes too sharp (thin) and delicate, you can drag a few features along the edge making the edge angle slightly larger and you will receive a stronger edge.

    After finishing, The Axe Diamond should be cleaned with warm water and detergent.

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