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A Land So Strange

Item #B8441


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A Land So Strange: The Epic Journey of Cabeza de Vaca

by Andres Resendez

In 1527, a mission set out from Spain to colonize Florida. But the expediton went horribly wrong: delayed by a hurricane and knocked off course by a colossal error of navigation, the mission quickly became a desperate journey of survival. In the end, only four survived: three Spaniards and an African slave. Enduring a horrific march through Florida, a harrowing raft passage across the Louisiana coast, and years of enslavement in the American Southwest, this tiny band journeyed for almost ten years in search of the Pacific Ocean that would guide them home. In this enthralling tale of four castaways wandering in an unknown land, Andres Resendez brings to life the vast, dynamic world of North America just a few years before European settlers would transform it forever.


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