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How Do You Light a Fart?

Item #B2735


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How Do You Light a Fart: And 150 Other Essential Things Every Guy Should Know About Science

by Bobby Mercer


Serious science mixed with outrageous humor, this book answers all the questions guys have about their favorite topics, from how to hotwire a car, to why kegs float, how to make butane lighters explode, why your feet don't burn during firewalking, what's the advantage of nitrogen in tires, can you make gasoline, can three-piece golfballs help your game, how does eye black help athetes, why are tennis balls fuzzy, how aluminum bats make balls go farther,what is the prostrate probe, why does hair grow out of your nose and ears, why does smiling conserve energy, how does the internet work, how do why you will miss your old TV, how does an iPhone touch screen work, why does ice sink in a glass of bourbon, how to freeze a beer in 30 seconds, how to pick a lock, the best way to kick in a door,why dog farts are silent,do bulls really hate red, why polar bears are white, what is PMS, how does brainwashing work, how to get rid of tattoos, why is there a metal rack in your microwave oven, why snack cakes never mold, what's the best remote control in the universe, what happens if you spray duct tape with WD-40. You get the idea.




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