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Sculpted Dragonfly Silver Necklace

Item #SA133


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Sculpted Dragonfly Necklace on Silver Chain

Josef Reiter has sculpted these dragonfly pendants by hand, and hung them from a sterling silver chain. Made of sterling silver, the pendant 1 inch x 3/4 inches falls gracefully from an 18 inch chain.

About the Artist - Josef Reiter

Drawn to artistic expression at a young age, Josef spent much of his youth experimenting with drawing, painting and sculpture. With little opportunity to get formal training during his school years, he went in search of opportunities to develop his artistic skills soon after graduation. His quest took him from his birthplace in St. Paul, MN, to the Pacific Northwest, where he met a master silversmith who offered to take Josef on as an apprentice.

During his three-year apprenticeship at the studio in New Mexico, Josef learned all aspects of working precious metals into jewelry.

Josef's affinity for the jeweler's saw became apparent early in his training and continues to be an important feature of his work.

On his return to St. Paul in 1976, Josef dove into his craft, developing an artistic vision of his own based on his love of nature and his Anishinabe roots. He opened his own jewelry store, Blue Water Indian Arts, where he made and sold work based on his American Indian sensibilities. Josef became a fixture in the native-arts community, speaking, giving demonstrations and attending traditional powwows as a vendor. In 1978 and 1979 Josef was awarded a Blue Ribbon and "Best of Show" at the Plains Indian Arts Exhibition in Rapid City, SD.

He soon decided that running his store took too much time and attention away from his art, so he gave up his life as a merchant in 1982. Josef spent the next few years

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