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MiniWorks Water Filter

Item #56425


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MiniWorks Water Filter

Nothing Outperforms Ceramic Technology in the Backcountry for Reliable Water Treatment! Compact and light, this little filter is perfect for day hikes or extended trips. The Miniworks EX uses a ceramic filter and unlike other filter media can be abraded and renewed in the field for complete flow recovery every time It's long life and cleanability means you'll never get stuck with a non-functiong filter.

Removes: Protozoa, bacteria, algae, silt and funghi. Reduces iodine, chlorine, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, industrial pollutants, some radioactive fallout particles and viruses attached to 0.3 micron or larger particles.


  • 45% Faster: Ceramic filter cartridge with AirSpring Accumulator™ uses air to push water through the ceramic faster


  • Presure Relief Valve: Keeps pumping at an easy consistent level. Vents untreated water out intake hose.
  • Marathon™ EX Ceramic Element: Exceeds EPA's purifier requirements for bacteria and protozoa removal. Can be cleaned multiple times for cast-efficient filtering.
  • Carbon Block Core: Removes many chemicals, including pesticides, iodine and chlorine. Improves taste of water; removes odors.
  • Clean-Side Cover: Screws onto bottom of filter to keep outlet contaminant-free.
  • End of Life Gauge: Lets you know when to replace the ceramic element.
  • Ergonomic Lever Action: Easier to pump than "plunger-style" pumps.
  • Fast Flow Rate: Filters 1 liter per minute.
  • Inlet Hose Float: Keeps intake hose off stream bottom; extends cartridge life.
  • Inlet Foam Prefilter: Filters out large debris to protect filter elements and valve performance.
  • Adapter Base: Fits all MSR Hydration Bags or Nalgene® Water bottles for direct filtering.

Technical Specifications:

  • Micron Retention: 0.3 Micron Absolute
  • Flow Rate: 1liter/minute
  • Pump Strokes: 80-90/liter
  • Capacity: up to 2000 liters (depends on water quality)
  • Size: 3.8" x 9.3"
  • Weight: 16oz.

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