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Purgatory Ridge

Item #KRU7787


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Purgatory Ridge Paperback

by William Kent Krueger

An explosion at a lumber mill rips the heart right out of a beautiful summer morning and kills the traditional chief of the Iron Lake Ojibwe. Cork O'Connor, former sheriff of Tamarack County, Minnesota, finds himself caught once again in a battle between the two cultures of his heritage-White and Indian. Although a rogue environmentalist known as Eco-Warrior claims responsibility for the bombing, Cork isn't so sure, and he can't help investigating.

Many in Tamarack County blame the Ojibwe who are trying to save a stand of sacred white pines from being logged. The Ojibwe blame the greed of Karl Lindstrom, the man who owns the mill. But is there a more brutal darkness behind these events, one that Cork can't possibly imagine, a hunger for revenge that threatens more than just the peace of a small town?

As tensions mount, and Cork desperately tears at layers of deceit, he begins to understand that the real prey may be the people loves most and that their greatest enemy is time.


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