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Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman

Item #B7146


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Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman

by Helen Hoover

woodcuts by Betsy Bowen

Beloved nature writer Helen Hoover tells a delightful children’s fable that will stir a sense of wonder and discovery in anyone who has ever felt the magic of the forest and imagined it a lively village of talking animals. 

Many years ago Great Wolf, a mighty hunter feared by all the animals in the forest, looked down on a deer, squirrel, and chickadee waiting for the Good Woodsman to provide a feast of cedar, corn, and seeds. The animals discover the Good Woodsman injured inside his house and with no fire in his stove. Worrying that he will freeze, the animals are disheartened that they have no way to help him. Great Wolf knew only he could rescue the Good Woodsman. When Great Wolf’s plan succeeds, the animals and the Good Woodsman invite the once-ostracized wolf to share Christmas dinner, and they realize that everyone has good things to offer if given the opportunity.


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