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Vagabond 14' 6" Recreational

Item #VAGA


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Vagabond 14' 6" Recreational

Model + Weight

Tuf. Flex 40 lbs

Kev Flex 38 lbs

Kev UL 30 lbs

Graphite UL 28 lbs

A small responsive solo that is easy to handle both on and off the water.

A small, maneuverable canoe for sight-seeing, fishing, or exploring on moderate waters.

The Vagabond is only moderately wide but is full from bow to stern, giving good stability and volume for its size. Though only big enough for short trips, it holds plenty of gear for fishing and casual use.

The Vagabond is manageable and enjoyable for new paddlers, and its small size makes this canoe very easy to car-top and carry, and convenient to store.

The Vagabond also responds well when used with a kayak paddle for improved performance on calm water or better control in inclement weather. The Vagabond is lighter than any kayak of comparable length and when paddled this way, also easily outperforms a kayak of similar size.

A longer hull will haul more, track straighter, and easily outpace a canoe of this size, but a smaller boat has other appealing virtues. One obvious advantage is light weight; a small canoe is easy to portage and to lift onto your car. Also, a smaller boat takes less storage space. Quick turning is another advantage. The Vagabond delivers all of these virtues, yet has enough efficiency and capacity to be enjoyable in a variety of conditions.

Length 14' 6"
Rocker 1.25"
Bow Depth 16"
Center Depth 12.5" 
Stern Depth 14.5"
Gunwale Width 28"
Max Width 29.75"
Waterline Width 29.75"

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