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Axe Sharpening File

Item #4031


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Repair your axe with this Axe Sharpening File from Gransfors Bruks

Gransfors Sharpening File is just what you need to repair those nicks in your Gransfors Bruks axe! The 3 inch file is designed to get out the deepest of damaged axe edges. It has a fine toothed flat file with a flared beech wood handle to protect your fingers. Complete with a leather sheath.



  •  3" long cutting face
  •  Flared Beech Wood Handle
  •  Includes leather sheath

How to FILE an axe

If the edge is damaged or nicked, start with the Axe File. Clean the blade of dirt and resin before you file, otherwise the file will get dirty and lose "bite."

Place the axe head in a side opening vice OR lay the axe against a stable surface where you have one foot pressing down the axe. Put something against the head for stability and steering angle. When filing, hold the file handle with one hand and push with the other fingers on the file blade. File only when the file is pointed from you, the profiles and edge direction, and lift the file when it is withdrawn. Avoid filing back and forth, which fills the file with metal shavings and makes the file and axe dull. If file is dirty or grooves are filled, clean the file with a wire brush.

Preserve the original form of the axe edge by filing equally on both sides and along the edge.

To finish, sharpen with the Gransfors Bruks Sharpening Stone or Axe Diamond.

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